Worth Remembering (Worth It Book 9) by Peter Styles (ePUB)


Worth Remembering (Worth It Book 9) by Peter Styles (ePUB)
>“You get one chance with me. You blow it, that’s your fault.”

James Tully isn’t what you’d call a forgiving sort of guy. He lives by a code of ethics – honor, trust, fidelity. And if you break those values, the way Sawyer did six years ago when he accused James of cheating on him? You’re out. But six years is an awful long time to go without companionship, so when he meets a cute little sub at The Black Room, he can’t help himself from wanting to take their anonymous liaison one step further.

“What if we’re no good together once the masks come off?”

It’s been six years. Sawyer’s never really been able to set James behind him, but considering that James makes it very clear he hasn’t been able to forgive and forget any time he runs into Sawyer around town, Sawyer supposes it’s past time for him to move on. And when he meets a strong, caring Dom at a masquerade party, he can’t help but fall a little in love, dreaming of a new future. That is, until the masks come off…

Welcome to Worthington, Texas, where the heat doesn’t just rise in the summer – you’ll feel it all year long in these stories of older men and their younger lovers. Every book in the Worth It series can be read on its own, but with so many familiar characters to love, why stop with just one? This book features a leather cowboy Dom, his hopeful, eager submissive, and the second chance of a lifetime.

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