Worth the Effort (The Worth Series #3) by Weston Parker (ePUB)


Worth the Effort (The Worth Series #3) by Weston Parker (ePUB)
Alexander Drake has the perfect life on paper. Mounds of money, plenty of power, and a supermodel on his arm who has just agreed to be his wife. So why does it all feel so empty and pointless? It isn’t until he meets a curvy caterer that he realizes exactly what he’s been missing.

Lila Johnstone is living her dream. Starting a high-end catering business in the big city, she’s elated to land her first real client. But the millionaire businessman seems intent on mixing business with pleasure. She’s willing to give him a chance, until she discovers the party she’s catering is his engagement party, to another woman.

When Alex’s fiancée learns about his interest in the caterer, she sets him up, then sets out to smear him in the press, causing Lila to lose her business before it even gets off the ground. And that’s not the only obstacle, as Lila’s ex reappears to remind her of her bitter past, and another caterer tries to persuade her to partner up, and not just as business partners. But Alex is determined to make Lila realize that he’ll give up everything to prove himself to her. Will she give him another chance at her heart?

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