Worth Dying For (Worth It #8) by Peter Styles (ePUB)


Worth Dying For (Worth It #8) by Peter Styles (ePUB)
“I’ll admit it. He makes my blood sing. But a man like me? I’m not supposed to be with other men.”

Oliver Suarez just wants the simple life. He’s finally free from prison, having been convicted for a crime he didn’t commit, and he could spend the rest of his life working hard in the sunshine for a little pay and the feeling of fresh air on his skin. When he’s given the chance to work on Dyer Ranch, he grabs the opportunity with both hands. And when he’s given the chance to be with Quinn Dyer, he’s forced to come to terms with a lifetime of holding himself back from love.

“I don’t make excuses for the ways that I enjoy myself. But maybe… with him… it can be more than a quick roll in the hay.”

Quinn might not have wanted to be a rancher, but he can’t deny that his family has poured blood, sweat, and tears into their land for six generations, and he’s not about to be the one to lose it. It feels like he’s fighting on all fronts – which is why Oliver is such a great distraction. But when real feelings grow out of a bit of fun, Quinn has to decide: he’s already taking a gamble with the ranch. Can he also take a gamble with his heart?

Welcome to Worthington, Texas, where the heat doesn’t just rise in the summer – you’ll feel it all year long in these stories of older men and their younger lovers. Every book in the Worth It series can be read on its own, but with so many familiar characters to love, why stop with just one? This book features a hardworking ranch family, the courage to be yourself, and one big idea that might just save the day.

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