Wolf Born (Lunar Academy #1) by Alyssa Rose Ivy (ePUB)


Wolf Born (Lunar Academy #1) by Alyssa Rose Ivy (ePUB)
Four Houses. Traditions. Secrets. And Romance Waiting At Every Turn.

Welcome to Lunar Academy. Which House Will You Choose?

Nadia Hazel came to the academy for its academics. What she finds is a side of herself she never knew existed. One that breaks rules, let’s curiosity lead her places it shouldn’t, and thinks Ryan Grayson looks really good naked.

Ryan Grayson has never given much thought to Nadia Hazel—until now. She’s smart, beautiful, and just the kind of feisty he’s been looking for. So what if she isn’t from a prestigious family like his?

When the two find themselves pulled into a secret organization hidden within the academy, they discover chemistry and mystery make one heck of a combination.

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