Home Romance The Witch Wolf (WindWard Triad Book 2) by Noah Harris (ePUB)

The Witch Wolf (WindWard Triad Book 2) by Noah Harris (ePUB)


The Witch Wolf (WindWard Triad Book 2) by Noah Harris (ePUB)
Keller Thorne and Johnny Oakes have been through a lot in the past few months. Facing the combined forces of werewolf and witch, along with the fury of the Vigil, they have finally come to a brief calm. Sequestered away in a haven built by the Children, Kell adjusts to his existence as a WindWard, and Johnny slowly warms to the idea of being a member of the Coven once again.

Everything changes when Johnny’s childhood friend, Ashley Whitlock, makes an unexpected appearance to help the WindWard. With his help, Kell and Johnny seek to separate the Vigil’s attention while they search for an Ancient who may be able to help Kell learn to control his powers

The plan falls apart almost immediately, separating Ash and Kell from Johnny in a surprise attack. Thrust out into the world with only one another, Ash and Kell must work together to evade capture or worse. Along the way, Kell and Ash must contend with their rapidly growing feelings for each other as they fight to survive.

In the end, their growing bond will pull Johnny in as well, forever altering not only the relationship between the outcast wolf-witch and his WindWard, but the world itself. Together, the three must face their own changing lives and the world that stands against them.

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