Wishing in the Dark by Colbie Kay (ePUB)


Wishing in the Dark by Colbie Kay (ePUB)

Some wishes never come true.

As a young girl, Poppy Montgomery was told if she made a wish on fireflies, it would come true. She carried those words throughout her life, even when her battles were lost. When Poppy didn’t have anyone else, the boy next door, Julien Pierce, vowed he would always be there for her…until he wasn’t.

Julien’s life has become too much for him to deal with. He wants a break from it all and to go back to his roots in Wishing, Kansas. He wants to remember the boy he once was, and there’s no one better to give him the reality check he needs than Poppy Montgomery. The girl he loved and left, the girl he made a promise to and then broke it. How is he supposed to face her again even after all these years?

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