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Wild Ride: MMF Bisexual Romance by Bianca Vix (ePUB)


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I need to get to Vegas in time for a work convention. Driving across the country wasn’t in my plans but when my hot boss invites me to come along with him, I can’t say no. I’ve been crushing on Mr. Jacobs ever since we first met, and now’s my chance to show him that we’d make a great couple. I can’t believe my good luck. Right up until Darryl joins us. My irritating coworker is the very last person I want to be forced to spend time with.

Nothing’s going to stop me from building a great career. Spending time with my boss outside of the office is the best way to do that. The last thing I need is to have any competition for his time. Especially not in the form of a coworker I don’t much like.
But I’ll do anything to get ahead. Even go on a road trip from New York to Vegas. With her right along in the car too.

Starting a great business has always been the most important thing in the world to me. Now that I’ve succeeded and my company’s flourishing, I’m starting to feel restless. I’ve been wanting Ady for awhile now, but the timing’s never been right. Now it is. She’s someone I could see myself being with.
But then there’s Darryl. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get him out of my mind.

Wild Ride is a hot standalone mmf bisexual romance. A great book for fans of sexy bisexual s*x scenes, threesome menages and a guaranteed HEA ending. No cliffhangers!

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