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Vegas Virgin by Aubrey Wright (ePUB)


Vegas Virgin by Aubrey Wright (ePUB)
I gave him my virginity. He gave me his stone-cold heart.

Life plan:
Move to Vegas. Start my own bar. Kick ass and take names.
Struggle to pay rent. Wear mini-skirts and hand out drinks to dirty old men at the Lux Casino.
Yeah, I really made it…

One night, while handing out drinks, I had the misfortune of turning down the wrong sleazy man.
Mr. Glass.

Big mistake.

I didn’t realize my knight in shining armor would be even more powerful than Mr. Glass.

Utterly gorgeous. Dangerous. And he’s my boss.
You know the type.
The one your church group said to avoid or you’ll go straight to hell.
Well slap some devil horns on me, because honey, I ain’t telling this bad boy no.

This is a full-length romantic suspense with an over-the-top alpha and an insta-love relationship. You’ll get your happily ever after and a surprise ending that will leave you breathless.

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