Unreal (McLain’s Last Chance #4) by Rachel Kane (ePUB)


Unreal (McLain's Last Chance #4) by Rachel Kane (ePUB)
Samuel McLain is the most vain, self-absorbed man I’ve ever met.
That’s saying something, because I’m an actor.
From the minute we meet at the movie set, he’s under my skin.
It’s not just his body I’m attracted to.
I know there’s something under that perfect exterior.
But there’s no time to find it out.
We’re temporary, we’ve both agreed.
This is a one-time thing.
I’m leaving town for my next role soon.
It can’t last.
No matter what I feel, it can’t.

Someday life is going to be as perfect as in my pictures.
Late afternoon on a tropical island, forever.
For now I’m stuck in a small town with small men doing small things.
Until superstar Devin walks into my life.
Suddenly I can dream again, even though I know he’s not really mine.
All I have to do is hide my past and let him think I’m perfect.
Hide who I really am.
But when I’m around him I don’t want to hide.
When I’m around him I want to be real.

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