Unleashing The Alpha Dragon (Alpha Dragon Brothers Book 2) by Emma Knox (ePUB)


Unleashing The Alpha Dragon (Alpha Dragon Brothers Book 2) by Emma Knox (ePUB)
Fate awakens more than just a sleeping dragon…
Kane has spent his time in the vanguard hiding his omega status and suppressing it with medication. When he’s assigned to watch the two remaining dragon statues, the blue marble masterpiece stirs something deep within him. He can’t stop himself from laying his hand on it and unwittingly waking the second Alpha Dragon brother.

Cole has spent centuries frozen in marble, but the simple touch from Kane brings him to life again. It can only mean one thing: the terrified member of the vanguard is his fated mate. While Kane is reluctant to believe Cole’s claim, he agrees to assist his escape into a world completely unfamiliar to the ancient dragon.

The only thing more dangerous than the attraction between Cole and Kane is the treat from the vanguard determined to eliminate the Alpha Brothers…

Unleashing the Alpha Dragon is the second book in the Alpha Dragon Brothers trilogy and is an Mpreg dragon-shifter romance. It’s full of sizzling hot men, ruthless enemies, and an epic HEA.

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