Undertow by Willow Summers (ePUB)


Undertow by Willow Summers (ePUB)
The ladies see this wave coming at them, and they don’t know whether to swim away, or toward it.

It won’t matter. They call me Undertow for a reason. Nights with me are sweet agony. I’m a wild spirit. No one has tied me down, and no one has come back from the pull of the undertow.

Except now, with this latest client…I don’t know what end is up. She has my head spinning. For the first time, I’m not thinking about the paycheck.

I’m thinking about forever.

* * *

My whole plan hinges on this promotion. My education, my previous advancements, and my move across the country have landed me in prime position for the biggest promotion of my life.

There’s just one problem.

I’m a woman.

In company history, they’ve never promoted a woman to a V.P. position. The boys’ club wants to stay just that: an unscalable wall for a female to climb.

I need an ace in the hole. A guy that can play the part of big time alpha while still making me shine.

I’m not looking for anything long term. Just a one night gig to pull off the impossible. After that, I’ll set him loose, no problem.

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