Trapped with the Mountain Man by Henley Maverick (ePUB)


Trapped with the Mountain Man by Henley Maverick (ePUB)

I… I just have to get away.
I did what I thought was right. I tried to save her by co-signing on a loan for her medical bills. I had no idea my step-father lied.
Now, they’re after me. Bad men. Really bad men who will stop at nothing to collect their due.
So, I ran to a quiet little town where no one would look for me. Instead… Ivan found me.
Well, I guess I found him by answering his ad for a job. Little did I know I’d be trapped by his stunning smile, alluring (color) eyes, and voice that sends shivers up my spine whenever he talks.
I should stay away.
I’ll only bring danger towards his serene life.
But I don’t want to.


I… I just have to get away.
I’ve been living this life that breaks my heart for far too long. Every day living on this farm only reminds me of what I lost. What I can never have again.
I almost did it too. Walk away, that is. Except… Scarlet found me.
She answered the ad to be my assistant, but became something much more.
She makes me feel again, makes me want things I never thought I deserved.
I should stay away.
I’m too damaged, too broken. And Scarlet is pure light. I’ll only dim her glow.
But once I find out she’s in danger, I know I have to protect her.
No matter what happens to me in the process.

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