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Tight End by M.D. Saperstein (ePUB)


Tight End by M.D. Saperstein (ePUB)
Coach Ben “Brick” Brickenhouer, former NFL player, is currently the head coach of a top tier university. Oh, and he is still in the closet. Unwilling to sacrifice his career or livelihood – not to mention the fact that not even his family knows – his personal life remains on the back burner.

Dr. Wyatt Carrington lives his best life out and proud. With the love and support of his friends, families, and coworkers, he has never questioned his decision to come out. He dates often but has been unable to find his true love. Or at least a man that understands his crazy work schedule.

When Wyatt is tasked with the unfortunate and unenviable responsibility of telling Brick that some of his players may have genital warts, the meeting has both men feeling…well, uncomfortable. After a series of coincidental run-ins, Ben decides to bite the bullet and ask Wyatt out.

Though very discreet, secrets – and gay men – come out of the closet sooner or later. It’s always best when it’s done of your own volition. But that’s not always how the cookie crumbles. Or in their case, the pizza.

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