Thumper (The Mandarin Connection Book 8) by Stephanie Brother (ePUB)


Thumper (The Mandarin Connection Book 8) by Stephanie Brother (ePUB)
The Exciting Sequel to ‘Stinger’ Is Finally HERE!
Bea Sullivan and her twin football hero stepbrothers are in trouble.

When her parents are killed in a tragic automobile accident, sinister forces approach Thumper and Stinger with offers they can’t refuse!

But then, Bea’s biodad shows up with the Alpha Team!

Thumper faces off with The Frenchman, the muscle behind James Norton’s illicit gambling schemes, while Stinger squares off against an unexpected foe!

When the inevitable happens, all appears grim for the threesome. They trio discover that Norton’s actions are more devilish than they thought possible, as they are dragged into the maelstrom of the Mandarin Connection !

They realize that to triumph will require them to create intimacy and trust as never before!

More action-crammed adventure, world travel, unbelievable gridiron suspense and mind-boggling plot twists than ever!

Revisit some old friends and lovers, meet new players, and prepare to be left soaking by the HOTTEST action in Romance today!

The surprise ending will blow your mind!

No cliffhangers or cheating! This is the conclusion to the story begun in Stinger.

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