Tempest in a Teacup (Pioneers of Sage #1) by Jools Louise (ePUB)


Tempest in a Teacup (Pioneers of Sage #1) by Jools Louise (ePUB)
Owen and Ham are smitten. They meet in Haven Valley, Sage’s new sanctuary, which they are helping to set up to protect the families of Sage, which has become a target for all things anti-shifter. A refugee from a brutal anti-shifter group in the UK, Owen spent years running wild to escape his persecutors, and needs to be free again. Ham, a former Navy pilot, is Haven Valley’s link to the outside, bringing supplies. The pair dance around their attraction, but when a deadly intruder enters the valley, they have their hands full fending off a pack of rogue wolf shifters, intent of claiming the valley as their own. When Ham is injured, Owen is terrified he’ll lose the man and figures he needs to claim the man—quickly. Their new enemy is not someone to underestimate, and threatens to destroy the pioneers’ plans before they’ve started. What starts out as a tempest in a teacup suddenly becomes a much bigger deal.

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