Tempest Song (Unraveled World, #2) by Alicia Fabel (ePUB)


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She thought being human was tough.
But being a siphon is way suckier.

Vera is back home, pretending to be a normal college student. Since there’s practically no magic on Earth, she should have her inner monster under control. Only, she’s starting to slip up. And when siphon-types lose control, the world falls apart. Literally.

She doesn’t dare tell Kale how bad things are getting. He’d lose his overprotective mind. Plus, he might have to kill her. That is his job after all.

Fortunately, there’s a guy out there who might be able to help her–a unicorn guy. Kale says it’s too dangerous, but guess what? Vera doesn’t need his permission to go off-realm. A quick trip for some specialized mojo training and all will be well again.

Kale never has to know.

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