Home M M Romance Teach Me to Touch You (Teach Me #1) by Joshua Landon (ePUB)

Teach Me to Touch You (Teach Me #1) by Joshua Landon (ePUB)


Teach Me to Touch You (Teach Me #1) by Joshua Landon (ePUB)
Austin’s father deserts his young family, leaving Austin and his sister to struggle with poverty and neglect at home and bullying at school. When Austin’s first girlfriend kisses him in high school, he suffers a PTSD flashback to childhood abuse and scares his girlfriend away.
A Marine at eighteen, Austin returns home after four years with his PTSD aggravated by nightmares of war. He fears he’ll never have a s*x life because he cannot tolerate human touch.
Daniel, a psychiatric technician with a speciality in PTSD, helps Austin readjust to civilian life. Over months of work together, trust grows between them along with an attraction they hide from each other, knowing Austin is straight and Daniel is gay.
A gifted healer, Daniel believes a sexual relationship between them could harm Austin since he’s Daniel’s client, though Austin is anxious to learn to touch again. But when their visits are scheduled to end, and separation looms, both men must deeply examine their concerns and untangle their desires for the future.

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