Supernova by Kate Stacy (ePUB)


Supernova by Kate Stacy (ePUB)
One night. One tragedy. One choice altered the course of their lives.

After an accident ruined her life, Madalyn was broken. There was only one person to blame: the only man she ever loved. When a desperate choice destroys the best thing that’s ever happened to her, she runs away and forces herself to try to move on. Only, the life she’s made for herself is nothing short of a personal hell. Now she must live with the consequences.

When Madalyn left Jaxson behind, she shattered his world. She was the air he needed to breathe and now she was gone. But he never lost hope that she would come back to him. He just had to find a way to survive until she did.

When Madalyn returns, nothing is the same. Lies and secrets swirl around their small town threatening to sever the invisible thread that still holds them together once and for all.

Can they move forward and forgive past mistakes? Can they reshape a life from the fragile pieces left behind?

Not if their secrets have anything to say about it.

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