Submission by Kit Kyndall (ePUB)


Submission by Kit Kyndall (ePUB)
When Sable’s sister goes missing, disappearing into a private BDSM community, there’s only one man to whom she can turn. Julian is a Dom and a celebrity on the scene, and he’s willing to help, but on his terms. Sable will pretend to be his sub, and they’ll enter the community together to search for Sabrina. She’s desperate to find her sister, but isn’t interested in the lifestyle. She’s drawn to Julian, and the attraction is mutual, but how can there be a future for them when they both want such different things? She’s not magically going to become the perfect submissive, and Julian won’t want to give up being a Dom. When they find Sabrina, that should be the end of their affair, but will either be able to walk away by then

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