Strum Me by Daisy Allen (ePUB)


Strum Me by Daisy Allen (ePUB)
“We’re going to have to do something about that dirty mouth of yours,” I mutter as I nibble on the sweet skin of her neck.
“I have something in mind.”
She grins and slides down my body, her hand already working its way around my hardness.
Dirty mouth or not, it certainly knows what it’s doing.

Every artist has his muse.
Who he creates for, who he performs for.
In my case, it’s the girl who broke my bleeding heart.
8 years on, it’s still her face I see when I look out into the crowd.
8 years on, she’s in every song I play, every note I strum.
She was my only love and my only heartbreak.
And now she’s back.
With a secret that can threaten to teach me new meanings of pain.
But I’ll be damned if I let her get away again.

When Brad, The Rock Chamber Boys’ star violinist finally comes face to face with the girl who shattered his heart, he thinks it’s his second chance to make her his again.
But she wants nothing to do with him.
When their respective careers throw them together however, it seems their passion for each other has only grown over the 8 years apart.
But the universe has other plans.
Plans years in the making.
Plans that will come back and threaten to tear them apart, this time, forever.
And despite his band being on top of the world, it all will mean nothing without her by his side.

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