Stripped (Criminal Deeds) by Kyle Autumn (ePUB)


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She left suddenly, but he hasn’t given up.
And when he runs into at a strip club in Vegas,
he’s determined to get her back.

Wyatt Parks fell in love with Caroline Taylor on the internet, but three days of in-person bliss was enough to freak her out. She doesn’t believe she deserves the good in life—not when every man she’s ever been with has told her otherwise. So she runs away from him.

But she doesn’t escape his heart.

A Vegas strip club is the last place he expects to find her. When he does, he leaves his friends behind and focuses solely on getting answers to the questions that have been burning through him for the last three months.

Why did she leave?
Why is she stripping?
Does she still love him?
And how can he get her back?

Wyatt isn’t the only one who wants her back though. The owner of the strip club won’t let one of his girls go that easily. On the run with Wyatt, Caroline has to come clean—in more ways than one—in order to stay alive.

Or else that future with Wyatt she’s never felt allowed to dream of won’t have a chance to come true.

Secrets. Pain. Truth. Love.
It’ll all come out in this sexy and suspenseful second chance romance.

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