Stolen by The Fae King (Mated to The Fae King Book 1) by Bailey Dark (ePUB)


Stolen by The Fae King (Mated to The Fae King Book 1) by Bailey Dark (ePUB)
“She’s beautiful. But she doesn’t care for me. If anything, she hates me. I watch her as she fidgets under my gaze, biting her plump lips. Those lips. I can’t decide if I should nibble on them or simply yell at her for frustrating me so thoroughly.”

Almost a thousand years have passed since King Altair of the Fae kingdom Alnembra was cursed by Maaz, a Bloodbane witch. A beast by day and a Fae man by night, Altair is desperate to find the Key. Now, the curse has almost run its course, but not before he discovers the existence of a woman who could break the curse and save him and his people.

Verity Chastain lives a normal life in New York City. On her wedding day, a beast swoops down from the sky to carry her into a world of fantasy and magic. Disbelieving and stubborn, Verity struggles to accept her new reality.

She and Altair go head to head in this fantasy-fueled romance. Can she find a way to break his curse? Or will he die as the physical manifestation of his sadistic personality; a beast?

STOLEN BY THE FAE KING is the first book in the MATED TO THE FAE KING SERIES by author Bailey Dark. This is a Fae Romance for Adults. If you LOVE steaming hot paranormal romance and fantasy romance, SCROLL UP AND ONE CLICK NOW!

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