Sticks and Stones by Rachel Kane (ePUB)


Sticks and Stones by Rachel Kane (ePUB)
Enemies with benefits…?

Ash Cray used to be my boyfriend–but don’t tell anybody that. The whole town thinks we’ve hated each other since the day we were born, thanks the feud our families have been locked in for generations. They don’t know that we fell for each other in high school. But that went up in flames when his competitiveness, his need to be the best at everything, eclipsed the relationship. I thought I was over it. But now someone is trying to buy up our land; we have to band together to fight our common enemy, and I’m feeling that old spark start to glow. My friends all think we still hate each other, but how do I tell them I’m falling in love with Ash…again?

I can’t control myself around Lucas. Everyone knows me as a cold, calculating businessman…but the minute Lucas Phelps enters the picture, logic goes out the window. One minute I’m bursting into his friend’s wedding threatening to destroy him, and the next, I’m grabbing him like I can never let him go. Well, this time I’m not letting him go. Our family’s rivalry isn’t going to get in my way this time. But when a figure from our past threatens everything we have together, I’ll have to choose between my family, my fortune, my company…and the love of my oldest enemy.

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