Steps (Off Limits #1) by Symone West (ePUB)


Steps (Off Limits #1) by Symone West (ePUB)
This is a mature YA/Coming of Age romance novel.

A good daughter who’s been through hell with a mother who keeps chasing happiness with the wrong kind of men. When Toya learns her mom is engaged to a man she’s never even met, surprise isn’t the word for it. This is yet another crazy decision that Toya would have to help her mom recover from when things fall apart.
But nothing prepared her for the scorching hot son of her mom’s fiancé. Something about his brooding blue eyes, a cocky smile, and visible brokenness keep pulling her to him.

An enigmatic bad boy who hasn’t dealt with his mother’s death. He suppresses it with alcohol, pills, and regular hookups. But none of these things satisfy the need in his heart, only leaves a deeper hole to fill. Varen is convinced he’s a lost cause and will never be able to let go of the all-consuming grief, but his new stepsister’s sweet and captivating personality causes a spark so strong, despite his bad habits and fears, he finds it hard to stay away from her. Bit by bit, he starts to feel alive again, and now that he’s found happiness, he will fight to hold on to it no matter the cost.

Latoya never imagined falling for her stepbrother. Will she go after what she wants for the first time in her life? Or will she sacrifice everything for the sake of her mother, and possibly for love?

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