To You The Stars by Wendy Cartwright (ePUB, MOBI)


To You The Stars by Wendy Cartwright (ePUB, MOBI)
A quirky, witty and touching novel about different ways of seeing the world. But mostly about Love…

Gwen is an Astrologer.

Looking for love, she meets Bill, an Oxford Philosopher. A Saturn Transit for her, a Blind Date for him. Yet it seems to work – setting aside his infidelities and their fierce debates about the Meaning of Life.

Seeking solace in the local churchyard, Gwen finds a gravestone with an intriguing inscription. She feels an overwhelmingly powerful connection to its occupant, Dorothy Browning. As she unravels Dorothy’s wartime story, Gwen uncovers a series of meaningful coincidences with her own life. But for the Philosopher there is no meaning.

Can Dorothy help these star-crossed lovers find peace together? And who will have the last word?

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