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Starboys (Lucky Stars Book 1) by Jeremy Jenkins (ePUB)


Starboys (Lucky Stars Book 1) by Jeremy Jenkins (ePUB)
Most people have one soulmate. I have five.

True love. That’s all I really wanted when I moved out to L.A., reaching towards stardom and escaping my mediocre midwest life. Unfortunately, finding more than the occasional one-night fling in the City of Angels was about as likely as spotting a unicorn.

Just when I was losing faith in ever finding my forever person, a witch sat down in my salon chair and changed everything. She told me my life was about to change big time and that I had “big love” coming for me.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would meet my soulmate — let alone that there would be five of them!
All of them movie stars. All of them hot as hell.

My celeb crush.
A brilliant director.
A rising star.
A creative genius.
A bad boy rockstar.
All of them filthy rich. All of them filthy famous. All of them— well, all of them are just plain filthy!

But as I become more and more popular, I notice things start to change. Can they handle sharing the spotlight, or are we all doomed to compete with one another?

**This is a 100,000+ word novel about one handsome guy who falls in love with five bad boy movie stars and five bad boy movie stars that fall in love with one handsome guy. No cheating, HEA, and is the first book in the Lucky Stars series. Readers can expect several spicy scenes that will leave them reaching for a glass of water.

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