The Single Dad and his Soul Mate (Hedonist Book 7) by Rebecca James


The Single Dad and his Soul Mate (Hedonist Book 7) by Rebecca James
The seventh book in the Hedonist series, this novel can be enjoyed as a standalone but is better read with the rest of the series.
It’s been five years since Flynn returned to New York and adopted his son, Cooper. In that time, not once has he run into his sexy biker ex-boyfriend. And then, at a party, Flynn and Matteo’s eyes meet, and in that moment Flynn realizes they haven’t lost the intense connection they’ve always had between them. But the issues in Matteo’s life that drove Flynn away seven years ago are still present, and Flynn needs to guard his son’s heart as well as his own.
Matteo is shocked to realize the love of his life has been living nearby for such a long time. He wants to wrap up Flynn and his little boy in his arms and never let them go. Except Matteo’s grandmother still doesn’t know he’s gay. How can he disappoint the woman who has always been there for him?
Being with Flynn again and getting to know his little boy have shown Matteo what he’s missing in his life, and this time he can’t blame Flynn for wanting more from him. In the end, Matteo must choose between familial responsibility and his own happiness.
The Single Dad and his Soulmate is a story of family and second chances containing the passion you’ve come to expect of a Rebecca James romance.

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