The Seduction by Christie Ridgway (ePUB)


The Seduction by Christie Ridgway
After graduating from the prestigious Continental Butler Academy, Emmaline Rossi needs a job in which she can use her new skills. But it’s taken longer than she expected to find one, and she’s down to her last dollars when an offer arrives. A handsome, wealthy tech exec wants someone to fill a position that sounds suspiciously like a wife. Emmaline has that empty wallet, however…and also finds herself wildly curious about the mysterious Mr. Curry.

Lucas Curry doesn’t have time for complications, with his company involved in a merger and the little sister he’s responsible for about to be married. A butler to handle all the pesky life details sounds like a great idea…until he sees the beautiful Emmaline. Until he begins to realize he can’t resist her.

Until he wonders why she’s so determined to run from the ecstasy she finds in his arms.

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