Home Romance Secrets of a Virgin by Josie Litton (ePUB, MOBI)

Secrets of a Virgin by Josie Litton (ePUB, MOBI)


Secrets of a Virgin by Josie Litton (ePUB, MOBI)
SECRETS OF A VIRGIN is a **very** hot erotic HEA novella with two characters I hope you’ll love as much as I do. It’s part of my Austen series, erotic romances loosely inspired by Jane Austen but set in the modern world. Readers have called this series “shockingly sexy”, “OMG addictive!”, “The dirtiest books I have ever read. I love them!” and much more.

Penelope Padgett is a young woman on a mission–seduce billionaire Cole Dawson, the man she has yearned for since she was sixteen. Ten years her senior and a friend of her family’s, Cole has resolutely refused to acknowledge that the winsome teenager with a crush on him has grown into a beautiful and very determined woman. Until, that is, Penelope contrives to bring herself to his attention in a way that shatters even Cole’s iron control and propels them both into a confrontation with their deepest, darkest desires.

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