Beast (Gio)
My life is all about my club these days. I drink all day, f*ck all night and fight whenever the opportunity arises. Not the life I wanted as a kid, but it’s a good one. I have a family that has my back and vice versa.
I have no heart, that was left back home a decade ago never to return. My heart belongs to a woman I can never have, or so I thought. I’ve been connected to Bella’s soul since the day she was born. I knew I loved her as a pre-teen and as a teenager, I knew I had to leave her.
Her father is the head of the families, the Italian Mafia families, and me a Capo’s son. I’m also five years older than her. It was never in the cards for us, never meant to be in this lifetime.
So like a fool, I left her and the only home I ever knew as soon as I turned eighteen. I thought it was for the best, but turns out I hurt her more by leaving.
Hearing her name after all these years, lite a fire under my ass.
Now, I have to save her, and once I have her back, I won’t be letting her go again. I will spend the rest of my life making my mistakes up to her.
She is my one true love, and I swore a long time ago to protect her, and I failed in the worst way. Never again, I will lay my life down for her from this day forward. And kill the monster that has hurt her and took her innocents.
I just hope I can get to the monster before he gets to her again?
Bella (Princess)
I’m the Mafia’s Princess and have whatever I desire except for the man I love. He left me a long time ago.
I’m a shell of a woman. I struggle to make it through each day since he left me. Since he left I haven’t felt whole.
I’ve loved Gio since I was five years old. He may be older than me, and my brother’s best friend, but my heart and soul was his from the day I was born.
The day he left me, I pledge to be alone for the rest of my life. I have my family, my friends and my career that’s enough.
Then the monster comes for me and hurts me in the worst way imaginable. Now I’m broken and have me baby sister to care for alone. I don’t know how I’ll survive all this pain.
My knight comes back and saves me when I need him the most and helps put back the pieces of my broken life back together.
The second my eyes meet his, I know our lives will never be the same, and I will never let him leave me again.
My life may be changing in more ways than one, and I will have to be stronger to survive in my new roles in life.
I hope he takes out the monster before it’s too late?
Will my life ever be safe again?

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