Saving Jade: Stormborn Security Services by Ava Bloom (ePUB)


Saving Jade: Stormborn Security Services by Ava Bloom (ePUB)
I spent years asserting my independence and making my own way,
but when some guys try and rough me up, my father thinks I need to have protection.

I can’t stand the thought of some hired muscle hovering around me, following my every move and reporting it back to father.

That’s when Logan walks into my art gallery.

I think my lucky day has finally arrived.

But as it turns out, he is the one working with the enemy: my dad.

If father knew what his bodyguard wanted to do to me when we were alone, would he still have hired him?

As the threats keep coming I start to wonder if Logan is really my protector or the person I need protection from?

Saving Jade is my first stand-alone novel in the new Stormborn Security Services series. It comes with a guaranteed HEA and a healthy dishing of steam. Adults only!

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