Rotten Apple (Bennett Dynasty Book 1) by Kate Allenton (ePUB)


Rotten Apple (Bennett Dynasty Book 1) by Kate Allenton (ePUB)
He’s a by-the-book kind of guy, and she’s a lawbreaker at heart.

Gwen Bennett

As an operative with a hidden talent, I know how to keep my clients safe. It’s engrained in my unusual DNA, and I’m damn good at my job.

So, when a thief swindles my grandmother out of a fortune and flees to a private island that’s by invite only, I’m determined to find access, even if that means taking a job I don’t want for a family I’d rather avoid.

Maxwell Pierce

She needs me.
There’s desperation in her eyes.
I have something she wants.
And I know it.
When my brother sends me to recruit Gwen Bennett for a job after she’s turned him down, I thought it would be more difficult to make a deal. Offering to share my island suite and my bed was more than enough to get her to agree.
They’ll have to get creative to keep from losing it all when lives, a family fortune, and their hearts hang in the balance.

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