Rookie Bear (Justice Squad Book 1) by Scarlett Grove (ePUB)


Rookie Bear (Justice Squad Book 1) by Scarlett Grove (ePUB)
Puma shifter Stephanie Page can’t find a mate. Tired of waiting, Stephanie takes a Christmas cruise to the Caribbean.
As a rookie on the elite covert squadron Justice Squad, grizzly shifter Max Johnson hopes he can make up for his past.
When disaster strikes Stephanie’s cruise, it leaves both shifters stranded on a tropical island. Without her voice, Stephanie can’t tell Max she believes he’s her mate.
Meeting Stephanie interrupts Max’s mission and changes everything for the shell shocked shifter. Can Max save the girl, save the day, and learn to let himself be loved?

Previously published as Little Puma’s Christmas Adventure. This story picks up where Fate Valley Mysteries leaves off.

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