Rescued By The Alien by Isla Monroe (ePUB)


I didn’t know I could be a leader. Lionel’s eyes follow me and I want to get to know him intimately. I have no choice. He draws me to him like a magnet. I have to refrain from getting physical with one of my crew. The answer is obvious. I have to keep my distance. Exposing my weakness for him will be detrimental. How can I possibly hold back these feelings? What is making me feel this way? I don’t have any control. The more I fight the worse it gets. He might be my savior. He might also be the worst mistake of my life.

She was the last thing I was expecting. I thought those tendencies were nothing to worry about. I was wrong. Working long hours takes its toll. The only bright spot is seeing her face. I have to avoid getting close for obvious reasons. Forbidden fruit taste the sweetest. I have a job of the utmost importance. One wrong step is going to cause a domino effect. Gemini has this quality. It’s nothing I can put my finger on. She’s going to need my help. Nothing can stand in my way. The world seems so far away. They have no idea what I’m hiding. It’s better that way.

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