Reluctant Mate by H.Q. Kingsley (ePUB)


Reluctant Mate by H.Q. Kingsley (ePUB)
Elspeth Callum…Alpha of the Shadow Moon Clan. He is dark, ruthless, and his clan has a reputation as barbaric as their leader. They take what they want and will kill anyone who stands in their way.

When Elspeth leads the charge to take over a small, little-known island, he is caught off guard when he discovers amongst the islanders is his mate.

Iosefa Hanrae is a gentle spirit who lives peacefully with his family on his island.

He longs to one day find his mate and start a family, but when the infamous Elspeth invades, he is disappointed to find that having a mate isn’t exactly the tell-tale romance he’d always read about.

Especially with a mate like Elspeth Callum.

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