Protected by Her Mountain Men by Shae Sullivan (ePUB)


Protected by Her Mountain Men by Shae Sullivan (ePUB)
These mountain men know how to handle their wood…


I didn’t know humans could be so evil, and life could be so cruel.
Yet here I was, cold, wet, and dirty—and beaten to the edge of existence, day after day.
My new life consisted of punishment.
My old life consisted of love.
And I knew I’d never have it again.
Until I escaped . . . and met them.
They worked through my fear, stayed with me through my pain, and held me through my tears.
And I shouldn’t want them like this . . . but I do.
Every touch. Every kiss. Every inch heals me.
And they do a lot of healing.
But dark pasts are hard to escape.
Sometimes, love isn’t enough.
Sometimes . . . the life we’re destined for doesn’t always lead to redemption—but pain.


One moment.
One choice.
And your life is forever changed.
That’s us; two unlikely allies who would never had met if it wasn’t for a single accident.
An accident that brought her into our lives.
Broken, wounded, and terrified.
She’s seems more fragile than a baby bird; and we’ll do everything we can to protect her from the bastards who tried to break her.
But as the days pass, we see her strength, her heart, her beauty . . .
She wants to feel again.
To feel all the things she missed out on over the last eight years, including losing her virginity.
We could never hurt her—but to deny her, would be even crueler.
After everything she’s been through, all we want to do is please her.
And we plan on pleasing her over and over again—until that’s all she knows.

Protected by Her Mountain Men is a standalone adrenaline-inducing, lip-biting, action-packed MFM Menage Romance. If you like devoted, strapping males who know how to hand their wood, this book is for you!

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