The Prospectors Prize by C.J. Williams (ePUB)


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It was a regular day for Hunter: get up, get your supplies, and head to your claim to find gold to help support him and ailing his mother. But as he travels to his claim, the road is out, the ground is scorched, and the military are crawling everywhere.

Syn was created to infiltrate and retrieve technology from all over the galaxy. This mission with her captain was supposed to be simple then everything went wrong. Now, Syn is being hunted by the human military and on old enemy who wants her for their own purposes.

Chance brings Hunter and Syn together. Instantly, Hunter’s simple life is turned upside down. When Hunter sees the violet-eyed beauty, he knows he must help her. When Syn meets Hunter, her programing isn’t prepared for the emotions that he elicits. When worlds collide, and secrets are revealed can Hunter truly help an alien who is far more than what she seems? Is Syn willing to risk everything, including their lives all for the chance at them gaining the ultimate prize-love?

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