I Pretend Do by Eva Luxe (ePUB)


I Pretend Do by Eva Luxe (ePUB)
How to meet and marry a billionaire: I don’t know, but somehow I did. Now what?

We were supposed to be getting married at the same wedding venue, on the same day.
Except, to other people.
What are the chances that fate would bring us together after we both got dumped,
and before what was supposed to be the best day of our lives turned into the worst?
We decide to go through with the ceremony anyway, just for pretend.
That way, we won’t lose out on our deposits, and we’ll make our exes realize they lost out on us.
Instead of staying home feeling miserable on The Big Day, we’ll laugh while inventing our vows.
For richer but not for poorer. For fake but not for real.
We thought it was the perfect pl

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