Home Romance Pitbull (SEAL Team Alpha Book 10) by Zoe Dawson (ePUB, MOBI)

Pitbull (SEAL Team Alpha Book 10) by Zoe Dawson (ePUB, MOBI)


Pitbull (SEAL Team Alpha Book 10) by Zoe Dawson (ePUB, MOBI)
Errol “Pitbull” Ballentine is tasked to work with an NCIS agent who is on the trail of one of their own missing agents. He and the team meet up with NCIS and Pitbull discovers it’s special agent Makayla Littlestar who looks like a delicate flower. He soon discovers that her looks are the only soft thing about this driven woman. She is a martial arts expert, an amazing tracker, speaks several languages and has a chip on her shoulder as big as Texas. And all he wants to do is knock it off and get under her formidable armor to the engaging, soft woman beneath. He’s determined to find out what makes her tick.

When Mak is in tracking mode, she often sees nothing but the subject she’s following, but Pitbull is big, tough, and intrudes on her concentration. It’s imperative they find their agent as he may have sensitive information crucial to taking down an international terrorist, one who killed the man she was in love with. She can’t get sidetracked by a big, macho SEAL and she will never love like that again, so what’s the point of ever getting involved? But after spending time with him, she discovers that he’s as determined as his name implies and she could very well lose her edge with him, which makes it all the more vital to keep her eyes on the ball and not on gorgeous Pitbull.

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