Perfect Match 3: Captain’s Conquest (Perfect Match #3) by I.T. Lucas (ePUB)


Perfect Match 3: Captain's Conquest (Perfect Match #3) by I.T. Lucas (ePUB)
Working as a Starbucks barista, Alicia fends off flirting all day long, but none of the guys are as charming and sexy as Gregg. His frequent visits are the highlight of her day, but since he’s never asked her out, she assumes he’s taken. Besides, between a day job and a budding music career, she has no time to start a new relationship.
That is until Gregg makes her an offer she can’t refuse—a gift certificate to the virtual fantasy fulfillment service everyone is talking about. As a huge Star Trek fan, Alicia has a perfect match in mind—the captain of the Starship Enterprise.

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