One of the Guys by A.R. Perry (ePUB)


One of the Guys by A.R. Perry (ePUB)
Rylee Everett has spent her entire life as a tomboy. One of the guys to the rest of the world. With that comes constant fights with her mom when it comes to wearing dresses and makeup. To her, it’s a waste of time. Time she would rather use at the skate park and hanging out with her best friend Spencer.
Well, that was her outlook until she bumps into her longtime crush at a wedding. Now she’s made it her mission to get him to notice her before he graduates and moves out of state. No matter the cost. Even if it comes with dresses.

Spencer Hendricks has spent the better part of his teenage years trying to ignore the growing crush on his best friend, Rylee. He can’t go there—won’t jeopardize their friendship. Everything seems to be going according to plan until his parents drop the bombshell of a divorce and Rylee asks him to help score the attention of one of the most popular seniors at school.
Now he’s faced with the possibility of moving to another state mid-year and his best friend ditching him all at the same time.

With their lives seemingly headed in different directions, will they lose what they have always known, or find something neither of them expected?

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