The Omega’s Sun-Kissed Valentine by Colbie Dunbar (ePUB)


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What happens when an alpha wants to fake a relationship?

Rob’s on a working holiday and meets Noah, an alpha, who barges into his life.

The omega rejects the alpha’s proposal, and there’s friction between the pair as the omega is both intrigued and peeved.

Noah’s sister, Nat, arrives and causes more chaos due to a misunderstanding, while Rob’s life is complicated further when he and Nat strike up a friendship.

But Rob has a secret, and when Noah finds out, he questions whether he can be in a relationship with the omega. And Rob asks himself the same thing.

As Valentine’s Day nears, the alpha scales a great height to demonstrate his sincerity.

But will the omega accept the offer or leave the alpha dangling?

This is a 15,000-word, non-shifter, mpreg novella.

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