The Omega’s Protector (Billionaires of Forest Hill Book 2) by Candice Blake (ePUB)


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RICHARD: I was looking for my son, but I found him instead.

I’ve been in search for my runaway son for months, leaving my billion dollar company on the back burner.

In the forest one night, I find an injured Omega lying on the floor. He’s not my son…but he has the most beautiful yellow eyes and blond hair. His name is Ollie and I take him into my home to protect him.

As Ollie goes through his very first heat, my primal wolf instincts to breed kicks in. I can’t afford to be distracted by this beautiful Omega when I should be looking for my son instead…

OLLIE: He’s an Alpha billionaire with a big _ _ _ _ and a big heart. So why’s someone like him interested in someone like me?

I ran away from home to be free from my father’s controlling ways. When I injure myself one night, a strong, rugged Alpha named Richard finds and rescues me.

The Alpha treats me like a prince. But there’s a secret I’m keeping inside me that may ruin everything…

Warning: The Omega’s Bodyguard contains explicit sexual content not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

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