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Their Omega of Christmas Past (Vale Valley, Holiday Romance #1) by Lorelei M. Hart (ePUB)


Their Omega of Christmas Past (Vale Valley, Holiday Romance #1) by Lorelei M. Hart (ePUB)
When your past becomes your future

Alpha and wolf shifter Atlas hates the holidays. Since breaking up with his human omega long ago, it no longer holds joy. When he is invited, no, commanded to come celebrate Christmas with his wolf pack by his demanding omega father, he does what every good son does—he lies and says he already has reservations for a romantic getaway. And when his father demands proof, he finds himself on the Internet booking the first house share he can find, going so far as to book it for two people to show his father proof. Yeah, he hates the idea of spending Christmas with his family that much.

Human, probably, omega Storm promised his housemate he’d have the place all to himself over the holidays while he spends Christmas with his parents, just like he always does. When his parents call to say they are traveling this year instead of using the cabin they booked, he runs off to tell his housemate who, it turns out, was planning to use the time alone in their home for a romantic proposal to his true love. Storm can’t get in the way of true love—not again—and heads off to the town of Vale Valley, the town his parents met in all those years ago. They called it magical, and he could sure use some magic in his life.

When a technical glitch has the two men sharing the same cabin during a seemingly never-ending snowstorm, they are both are forced to face their shared past, one that had them choosing careers over love.

Their Omega of Christmas Past is a sweet with knotty heat MM shifter Mpreg Holiday romance featuring fated mates, a wolf shifting lawyer who made the biggest mistake of his life by choosing his career over his true mate, a probably (maybe) human teacher who may or may not have some kind of influence over the weather, a little bit of Christmas magic, and, sadly, no television fireplace. After all, what Christmas is perfect? Set in the popular shared world Vale Valley, this second-chance romance brings all the sweet moments of TV Christmas Romances with enough scenes you couldn’t show on television due to their heat level to make you warm all over—sort of like Atlas with his shifter body heat. Where can I sign up for some of that?

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