No Looking Back by Krissy V. (ePUB)


No Looking Back by Krissy V. (ePUB)
Sometimes running away is the right thing to do…

Recently widowed Kenzie moves out of the big city with a new identity to the sleepy Happy Endings Resort. But her past comes back to haunt her when someone set on revenge finds her.

Sexy cop, Carter, protects the residents of the sleepy resort in Ending. When the beautiful and mysterious Kenzie moves in, strange things start to happen. Thefts, trashed trailers and things being moved around are the least of his worries when the biggest case the town has ever had lands at his door; a missing child.

Carter thought he’d moved away from the excitement of the City, yet he finds himself returning to chase down the woman who has captured his heart.

Will he get to her in time to save her?

Will he want her when he finds out who she really is?

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