New Blood: River Clan Shifters (A Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance) by Celeste Raye (ePUB)


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A sweet-as-pie college grad taking her first steps into the world.
A ruthless bear shifter who’ll stop at nothing to protect his people.
Beauty has found her beast, but their story will be far from a fairytale.

While Ali Granger’s friends were enjoying the wild delights of college life, she was chugging coffee and partying with her study notes. It’s finally graduation night, and the all-round Good Girl is ready to let her hair down and swing her booty on the dancefloor.

And she’s attracting some supernatural attention.

The sweet scent of vamps leaves Calum itching to transform into a tornado of muscles, claws and fangs. Tensions are high, and when the club suddenly erupts into chaos, the bear shifter saves a young woman from becoming a meal. Has she been bitten? If so, there’s nothing he can do to stop her from changing, and she’ll have to meet her own grisly end.

That’s until two wide, baby blues stare back into his chocolate browns, all Cal’s brutal protocols go right out the door. As leader of the clan, he must destroy bloodsuckers and defend his people at all costs…but what if that cost is too high?

Blood Mates is a standalone romance, and first in the sizzling, supernatural River Clan Shifters series.

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