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The N Word by Michelle MacQueen (ePUB)


The N Word by Michelle MacQueen (ePUB)
What do you get when you cross a nerd with a rockstar?


I’m Nari Won Song, a Korean-American girl with glasses and an inability to speak full sentences around my peers. I know what people expect of me.

But they’re wrong, and senior year is about to be a whole lot more interesting.

Falling grades? Check.

A fake relationship with my jerk of a neighbor? Check.

A secret identity as a rock star? Check.

Something’s gotta give.


What happens when the school’s golden boy loses the big game?

He’s not so golden anymore.

I’m Avery St. Germaine, and as the son of an NFL hall of famer, greatness isn’t a choice, it’s a given.

Senior year is my chance to secure my ticket out of this town.

An ex-girlfriend spreading rumors? Check.

A girl next door who could be the solution? Check.

A family trying to keep our problems hidden? Check.

Something has to help.


Book 2 in the Redefining Me series, The N Word is a full-length standalone YA romance with all the feels.

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