Home Romance Mister Dick by Juliana Stone (ePUB)

Mister Dick by Juliana Stone (ePUB)


Mister Dick by Juliana Stone (ePUB)

I gave Boyd Appleton my virginity when I was sixteen and he broke my heart. It took forever to get over him. Now I’m stuck with Boyd in the Catskills. Do I hide? Do I protect myself from the insane attraction I still feel? Hell no. Mister Dick is going to regret ever meeting me. I just have to make sure the past doesn’t bite me in the ass because I can’t fall in love with him again.

Call me crazy. Call me stupid. But don’t ever call me afraid.


The last person I expected to run into is Echo Mansfield. The girl is a hot mess with more scandals in her back pocket than the Kardashians combined. She’s a pain in the ass. An opinionated, spoiled rich girl with a body made for sin and a mouth I can’t forget. We had one crazy, hot summer. Now she’s stuck here and all I can think about is having her again. And again. This isn’t a good idea. Even I know that.

We’re alone in the Catskills for who knows how long. What the hell can go wrong?

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