After Midnight (Nightwind Book 2) by Suzanne Halliday (ePUB)


After Midnight (Nightwind Book 2) by Suzanne Halliday (ePUB)
Former Delta Force and current Nightwind CEO Jon Weston has always thought of himself as a lone wolf. His solitary life suits him just fine, and he has no problem keeping it that way. Imagine his surprise when he meets Lorelai Midnight and something inside of him shifts.

Lorelai is a dancer, actress, and singer who’s busy chasing her Broadway dreams. But three years in without a big break has her family making noises about packing it in and moving back home.

Neither of them were looking for anything serious, but fate has other plans. With her family pressuring her to leave, Jon realizes he needs to seal the deal before she’s gone. Lorelai is definitely interested but there’s a catch.

After Midnight is what happens when a free-spirited beauty challenges a Delta’s outlook.

Sometimes all it takes is the right person.

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