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Meant To Be by Tory Baker (ePUB)


Meant To Be by Tory Baker (ePUB)
After being medically discharged from the SEALS, Liam Stevens worked himself to the bone to make a good life. He thought he had it all planned out, but those plans changed when he saw a blonde beauty stranded along the side of the road.
Everly wasn’t your usual damsel in distress. She had an independent streak a mile long. It would take a certain kind of man to handle that and Liam knew he was definitely that man.
He knew the moment he looked into her eyes that she was meant to be his and nothing would stop him from claiming her.

This isn’t our first go around. By now you know what to expect. Hot Alpha with eyes only for one woman and the minute he sees her, he sets about making her his. Love happens hard, fast, and hot. So grab a drink and dive in. And as always 100 percent Safe… unless we’re talking birth control…

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